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Sports Technologies in the German Soccer League

The German Bundesliga in the 21st century: A look at working methods and technologies in coaching staffs

  • Participants: Members of the coaching staff of 15 Bundesliga teams
  • Survey period: Season 2019/20
  • Survey of all technologies and working methods currently used in the coaching staff
  • Identifying new technology-driven competencies in professional soccer

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Sports Technologies in the German Soccer League

In 2017, together with the HTW Berlin (Hochschule für Technik undWirtschaft Berlin), we interviewed Athletic and Rehab Coaches of the 1st and 2nd Soccer Bundesliga. The research focused on the use of newtechnologies in athlete monitoring, performance diagnostics and injuryprevention. We relaunched the research in September 2020, extended by the areas ofgame analysis and scouting (see above).
Click here for the 2017 study:
Der Gläserne Spieler in der Fußball-Bundesliga (Saison 2016/2017)